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Fresh innovates by launching the concept: APP2BIZZ !

The idea: to pool the development costs of mobile applications and their future updates. To create your mobile application, you just need to compose your menu by choosing among a series of useful, creative and powerful fonctions that are available. We then develop the application immediately afterwards!

Don’t forget about the content!

In the same spirit, Fresh produces “pooled” content for the application and makes them available for clients. This content is updated constantly, you have nothing to do. The result? Your mobile application is instantly rich with content, which translates into regular visits by the app’s users.

You can give us the keys!

App2Bizz offers much more than a simple mobile application. Fresh can take on the entire management as well as the animation of your application (from the initial briefing to the ongoing reporting).


Fresh is an agency that is specialized in the production ofvalue-added multi-media content (text, audio, video). Our job: tell stories, your stories. Our strengths: strategic and creative thinking to bring you on-brief and pertinent solutions.For your project, we mobilize a group of talents : directors, writers, journalists, graphic designers, cameramen, editors, special effects, photographers, actors, etc.Our services: • Production of editorial content (brand journalism)• Production of  audio content for the car (Slow communication)• Creation of thematic subjects

• Negotiation of contest prizes and leisure privileges

• Production of short  and interactive formats for mobile phones and tablets (push, quiz, flipcards…)

• Programming of mobile applications in iOS and Android (smartphones et tablets)

• Creation of interactive PDFs interactifs and Digital Magazines for tablets

• Audio, video and text interviews

• Production of audio journals televised journals for businesses

• Creation of street interviews

Community management (facebook, twitter…)

• Video reports

Photo reports